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Empowering Entrepreneurs to Launch on the Blockchain.


Issuing securities or tokens? Our legal teams are the most knowledgeable in the industry.

Blockchain Build

Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Monax or Ethereum? We work with the top 1% of developers in the industry.


Auditors and penetration testing from the best security engineers in the blockchain space.


Our team facilitates marketing to audiences that are your early adopters.

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How We Do It

Entrepreneurs have it hard. That’s why we created a one-stop shop for blockchain consulting and tech buildouts. We have built up our network to serve every need a blockchain business could have. We help you take your business into decentralization. What is the purpose of my token? Is it a security? A digital license? What’s my marketing like in China? Our team can help flesh out your best ideas and provides the secure framework to get there.

Here’s our process: 

  1. Scope out your project
  2. Craft your whitepaper
  3. File the necessary legal paperwork
  4. Build a domain-specific blockchain backend and token issuance platform
  5. Provide penetration testing and auditing 

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